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GraceAnne Andreassi DeCandido. 70+. Feminist. Flower child. Works with words. Thinks with music. My belief system involves food and family. Wrote and spoke and published about libraries, librarians, writing, editing, and reading. Now retired. Putting some of that writing here.

Georgia O’Keeffe

07 September 2013 @ 10:42 am Georgia O’Keeffe We took two days to go upstate, to see a collection of 32 paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe in a small museum in Glens Falls, NY. The family of Alfred Steiglitz, whom O’Keeffe … Continue reading

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Farewell, my linen

23 August 2014 @ 06:55 pm I wrote this in October 2012, and unaccountably did not post it. Farewell, my linen In the late 1980’s, I was a senior/executive editor at a professional/trade magazine. A friend and I were known … Continue reading

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Milk tea

19 February 2015 @ 02:50 pm  MILK TEA Put as many mugs of whole milk into a pot as you are making. Bring the milk to a full, rolling boil. Add two heaping teaspoons of your favorite strong black tea … Continue reading

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Paris May 2006

 May 10, 2006 11:36 am: The Infomancer and Girasole in Paris A long, uncomfortable but uneventful flight, except for the fact that we had a female pilot, a first for me after decades of flying. [Girasole was so stunned by … Continue reading

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Pastina & Sciapito

23 April 2016 @ 06:49 pm My mother died last week, peacefully and surrounded by much of her family, at the age of 93. We lost her rather earlier than that. She had dementia for the past seven years or … Continue reading

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Matcha Latte

20 October 2013 I learned this at a Japanese tea bar in NYC that was only open for about six months. I watched the beautiful young Japanese man who looked like an anime character make this several times, and I … Continue reading

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Girasole/Ladyhawk’s Chai

07 September 2013 Girasole/Ladyhawk’s Chai For each serving: 2/3 cup whole milk 1/3 cup cold water 1 rounded teaspoon demerara or golden sugar 1 rounded teaspoon black tea 1 green cardamom pod, crushed 1 whole clove, crushed 2 berries allspice, … Continue reading

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The words are moving

I will be moving much of the commentary and musings I wrote in Live Journal to this site. Thank you for following along.

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GraceAnne Andreassi DeCandido GraceAnne A. DeCandido is a writer, reviewer, and editor, now mostly retired. She taught children’s and young adult literature classes for Rutgers SC&I online for over a decade, as well as two specialized classes Female Voices in … Continue reading

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What I thought and what I wrote

I have brought together speeches and essays and musings, to this place on the web, so I could keep it together, and so it is. Personal stuff is mostly on Facebook, and on LiveJournal, where I write as Girasole. Blessings … Continue reading

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